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Absolutely wonderful. This post hits the nail squarely on the head. As I’ve written elsewhere:

As long as the brainwashed sheeple kneel before the altar of the germ theory and all of its ridiculous iterations, the world will constantly be fed stories of “gain of function”, “pathogenic viruses”, “mutating viruses”, “barbaric jabs being safe and effective”, and will do whatever they’re told to do by “experts” who know what’s good for them.

Until the shift in knowledge eradicates the belief in that antiquated story, we will continue to see this horror show repeated and repeated and repeated.

Everything you’ve written should be read by everyone. It’s a condensed primer on the bullshit that’s been indoctrinated to generations of humans.

And with that, we should point out that the principles of “modern” medicine owes its evil and thoroughly false concepts to Rockefeller Carnegie and Flexner, who should be rotting in hell for bastardizing medicine and murdering countless numbers of humans.

Thank you again for your report and post.

May god bless you. We need more people like you.

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I am new to the No such thing as a virus debate but am not surprised at all that they don’t exist and that we are not being hoodwinked, again, by the powers that be!!! With a Bachelors in Biology, Masters & Doctorate level study in it and 30 years working as an Industrial Hygienist in the Environmental, Safety and Health fields I always just took the germ theory and theory of viruses to be facts! Now I am researching the information you have referenced and others & starting to see the Virus Straw Man for what it truly is! Keep up the good work my friend!!!

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This is great! Thank you for writing this! The profoundly important information in this may be lost on the masses. But it rings true and has so much potential to help humanity when we need it the most. I also find Dawn Lester and David Parker informative and very helpful. They wrote The Real Truth About Health. And I believe have a website with the same name. I am just an average person. I don’t have advanced degrees and am an artist. Somehow I found my way here and understand most of this. I am not good with math and science. I am just a mom and grandmother. I live an average life. I have stumbled upon all of this. And I grew up near West Point randomly. When all this started to happen a few years ago it seemed off to me. I found Dr Pam Popper and Dr John Ionaiddes too. I tried questioning it all. I shared my questions and concerns on sm. I sent websites and webinars to friends and family. I was sent back an unwillingness to question and angry responses. I feel somewhat vindicated now but still sad angry and frustrated by it all. Most people I care the most about got the jabs...for a variety of reasons. My heart has been broken by all of it. I could only find other people online who could comprehend this. I also found Dr Sam Bailey. And most recently Sasha Latypova. Anyway it’s been 24/7 shitshow. Thank God it’s starting to crack the veneer of truth and hopelessness now.

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As a related point to this I include the following comment which I made a few days back concerning the interview RFK did with Denis Rancourt.

While this does not speak to the discussions around virology it does speak to the discussions around the false notion that there was a "pandemic" and the over all tenor of these discussion.

If you listen to this interview with Denis Rancourt you will see multiple examples that illustrate RFK's inherent contradictions and assorted logical fallacies as he discusses and attempts to defend the notion that there was a viral pandemic.

Are we suppose to ignore this?

Look this is THE guy who sits atop the mountain of the "health freedom movement." Yet on this most basic of questions he hasn't the capacity to discuss this with any degree of intellectual rigor. He simply doesn't know much about it- admits he doesn't- yet not only forms (and has) a firm hypothesis (which defies all logic and biological and medical history) but has the audacity to state that his cock-eyed theory is what EVERYONE should hold to be true.

And guess what- because he is seen as THE sacred cow virtually everyone who hears the words out of RFK's mouth will believe this patently absurd theory EVEN AS he openly admits he doesn't know much about one of the lynchpins of his theory.

That's nuts man, and I can guarantee that if it were the other way around people would be skewering Rancourt but I guess RFK is to get a pass here cause it might "hurt the cause" or "create division? What crazy logic is this?

This snippet is not unique it is indicative.

BTW Tuscany is in western Italy, west of the Apennines, south and west of the actual region which appeared to be heavily impacted. He couldn't even get the damn place right and knows zero about what has been happening in N Italy for the last 15 years- hint: it ain't a virus.

Here is the interview:


In this instance RFK was in way over his head. He sidestepped many of Rancourt's points which illustrated via concrete evidence there was no pandemic.

Here is a snippet from the transcript. At this point in the interview Kennedy is responding to Rancourt's evidence that viral transmission could not be possible for excess mortality as it has been stated. Note that RFK postulates a theory as to how the viral spread occurred in N Italy AND "most people" would recommend this:


"Okay, so let me push back on you. Yeah. You know, I think most people are going to recommend here, which is that the reason that you had these huge number of deaths in Paris and New York and for example, in northern Italy, which you did not mention in Tuscany, the same time as earlier, actually, than the spikes that I was mentioning. I'd love to hear your explanation for that. Because that seemed to be I mean, that's where we all got the idea that this virus was galloping through and killing lots and lots of people. And they didn't have remdesivir in Italy at that time, so something was killing people."

The conversation returns to Italy and after Rancourt suggests the deaths there were mainly in hospitals RFK says the following:


"My impression I don't know much about Italy either than the news reports and having been over there and people having the impression..."

Read that again- RFK freely admits he doesn't know much about what happened in Italy but just 23 minutes earlier he used N Italy as an example for his "hypothesis."

There are multiple other examples of RFK's lack of coherence. He simply can't or won't come to terms with the fact that there was no pandemic it was administrative slaughter by the Bio-Security State used to instill fear, force lockdowns, roll out mRNA's and smash the economic order for the Going Direct Great Reset as decided upon by the G7 nations in 2019 at Jackson Hole.

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Thank you!!! This is absolutely perfect. I’m an RN and recently joined the NO virus camp… I’ve always been skeptical of germ theory… but after binge watching Sam Bailey, viral delusion, terrain theory, etc… it is plainly obvious that there is zero scientific evidence to support the existence of infectious “viral particles” and no evidence that bacteria are the cause of diseases. The truth is obvious once you investigate. I pray this becomes common Knowledge soon… yes, it’s hard to swallow and creates enormous cognitive dissonance… but it is time for a new paradigm. And the truth shall set you free!!!

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Yay, Alec! Thank you so much for doing this, great letter!! Let's hope that Del and RFK Jr. get their acts together pronto, and if not, that their followers pull away from their fear-and-fraud-based narratives and embrace reality. They'll be so much better off.


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There are others who listen to CHD who agree with us as I often make comments and get positive replies. This letter is excellent and I pray your voice will be heard. I don't think they can hide this much longer. I do believe there are people in the health freedom movement that CHD and Highwire are afraid to lose if they give voice to the virus and contagion myth. As Del always says they need to "BE BRAVE".

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Let's see if they keep selling hopium or they begin to sell radical political action, like:

END THE FED (after an audit)

END THE CDC (take all names and numbers)

END THE FDA (gather all evidence in a safe place)








That is a viable electoral program, believe it or not.

Slogan: No to all.

Repeal the last 60 years!

Reparations for the victims.

It's kind of obvious at this point.

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Brilliant piece, Alec, and the soul of integrity. It is for people like you that I was inspired to write the following a few years ago: https://steemit.com/poetry/@udbarflower/4ctie8-word-of-honor

And by the way, I was kicked off Medium for posting an article, written by a retired professor friend, on precisely the Terrain vs. virus discussion. Marcela alecram23@myyahoo.com

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It’s an industry. Bigtree and Kennedy appear to be in it for the revenue stream. They are ent the only ones. Malone, McCullough, Cole, etc. are pushing this fake science agenda. Bigtree and Kennedy give them their platforms. And the propaganda is harmful. They are keeping the sheep in a state of fear and anxiety. Pathetic.

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I am a physician who has crossed that Rubicon of virology. It was Mark Bailey’s, a farewell to virology that did it. It is a lonely existence at this time but undeniable.

I feel like Dorothy when she realized that the Wizard of Oz was just a fat white guy behind curtain.

Thank you.

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I love this! In the last week, ive seen quite a few prominent figures now calling on these other voices with large platforms, with the ability to MAKE AN IMPACT, regarding the lie of virology. Ive also seen Larken Rose (a prominent figure for voluntaryism) calling out JP Sears and Russell Brand to look outside the right-left paradigm.

This is how we make a difference! Put their feet to the fire! Call on them BY NAME! Put the information IN THEIR HANDS. And if they still continue to hand-wave it away, then we know their position - and their brand risks losing the respect & momentum it has gained. If they claim to care about truth & freedom.... PROVE IT!!!!! Let's stop dancing around these "uncomfortable" discussions. Let's stop being scared of the conversations that may not be accepted by the majority of their audience. Its time to get uncomfortable as that is the only way change will truly happen. (This is one of my biggest complaints for the TLAV crowd.... Ryan Cristian has had Dr Kaufman on a few times and yet he still pretends like he "doesn't know" and has outright admitted that he doesn't want to go down that path because its not "easily digestable"... I came to a point where I could no longer engage because every day, he speaks from "within the narrative" and it gets old)

Lets make a dent in a century-old LIE!!!! 🙌

Edit: PS...Del Bigtree is very aware of this. He had Andy Kaufman on his show at least twice now and did a deep dive on this. Then he continued to pretend like it never happened.... that to me is unacceptable.

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Alec, I want to speak to something that I am guessing will be highly unpopular. And I hope you can hear me.

But first I would like to say that you have stepped up so beautifully to do the work you are doing these past three years and I thank you sincerely.

From the beginning of this insanity there has been a celebrity aspect to some who stand up and speak out. Those who were well known and then vilified for speaking out and put on lists to be watched. We all need to remember that there are many many foot soldiers, people who speak out but are not on podiums or in the public eye. People who have lost businesses, ability to support themselves, who have taken the heat without support.

I am not saying that you are not aware, but there is another piece here that concerns you. Your work stands alone, speaks for itself. You don't need to promote yourself as you so beautifully speak to what is happening.

There is incredible frustration here, for all of us. But when someone who is on the stage has some (very understandable) behavioral trait (and in this I am not speaking of you) that might come off as arrogant or mocking, it does help others who struggle to hear actually hear.

And on a feed like yours (again this is not directed at you) calling people trolls or jumping on them does not help the cause or help people open their minds. It's not behavior that helps push this work

forward. And makes it much easier for those who cannot entertain a shift in perspective, to do so.

I hope you understand my intention.

This is a huge step in the way a species sees the world. A huge important step. It might be too late but it should never be given up.

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The germ theory of dis-ease is the most unscientific hocus pocus ever foisted upon the human population and has an ocean of blood on it's hands. The century + of lies is now being exposed, the genie is out of the bottle whether Del and his cronies like it or not. Truth will prevail.

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Bravo! We need more voices calling every paradigm built by the elites into question. We're stronger when we stand together in Truth.

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Understand this.....we now KNOW for certain that EVERYTHING about virology is HYPOTHETICAL.....for instance, they have NEVER shown a virus "hijacking" cells in the human body.....so phrases like "viral load" are HYPOTHETICAL......viral load has NEVER been shown in vivo........you DON'T cough out virus and kill granny, that is also a hypothesis never proven in the real world....this was a scare tactic utilized to great effect to get draconian COVID mandates implemented...they have NEVER shown virus in a person's saliva, for instance.....they have NEVER found a virus on a doorknob or ANY surface for that matter......they have never found a virus to be airborne...it’s ONLY a theory.....they have NEVER found a virus in the blood or tissue of a human. EVER!...THINK ABOUT THE IMPLICATIONS OF THAT....there is not a piece of published literature anywhere on Earth that shows a sick person in a room made other people sick with the same illness...virology is a fraud, contagion has NEVER been proven, EVER...and COVID 19 is the single greatest crime EVER committed...call them out to their faces.....

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