A local resident and scientist, Mary Cullis, created a test in 2018, which she called a Probable Certainty Rodent test, or PCR, that could tell if a rodent's poop was in someone's yard within the last week. Local experts proved through research in 2020, that this test could 100% tell if a vindrus had pooped in someone's yard at any time. Unfortunately, Mary died, mysteriously in 2019.

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Hiya, Alec,

Brilliant, this is music to my years. Yeah It's getting more and more frustrating, and there is more and more antipathy against 'virus deniers' we'e being equated with holocaust deniers, and is seems that thinking there's no virus somehow lets pharma of the hook, when they're even more on the hook, and how all Tom cowan's questions have been answered about controls in virology etc- which. they. have. not.

You may enjoy my post on the new way of doing science which proves the existence of the flower fairies. https://georgiedonny.substack.com/p/we-cant-find-them-therefore-they

P.S. Also the new drugs eg IVM from the less corrupt companies (Merck???) have not been shown to 'work' even in the suppression of symptoms (which shouldn't be suppressed anyway as we know) - the 24 RCT"S could not account for any toxic 'care' that the no ivermectin control group received https://georgiedonny.substack.com/p/ivermectin

thanks for the post, put a smile on my face.

I think we are kinda in 2 groups now- we may be small but we're perfectly formed and we're not in it for the money or the glory.


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Very well written. I have always questioned everything. At 70 years old I'll never stop!!

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Great work, Alec,

I love it. :)

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Love it! Thanks!

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Very creative analogy! Thanks for the humanity!

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Maybe someday, if everyone sprays enough Crackscene on their lawns, the evil Vindrus may finally be vanquished.

I loved your article Alec. I think we're on a similar wavelength, here's an excerpt from one of mine on the same subject:

"To paraphrase Dr. Tom Cowan from his latest podcast with the brilliant Christine Massey; if someone presents something they claim is a fragment of a unicorn hoof; it could be from a horse, an elk, a moose or whatever, could we mix it up with a bunch of other biological elements and a mix of genetic material and computer codes and call it proof of the existence of unicorns? That’s how the ‘science’ of modern virology appears to operate."

Keep up the great work dude!


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Vindrus focuses on delivering meaningful solutions that can be customized and tailored, that not only specifically address our clients concerns but offers solutions that provides a "Win - Win" scenario for their suppliers while adding value to the community they serve.

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