Wait a second, how do you know that this "alternate internet box" wifi doesn't affect your health. Even older 900 mhz cell networks were damaging... And the lower frequency you go- yes you get range, but you have much less bandwidth available.

BTW, I think these nodes are actually just mining farms, using wifi so they can do it even if you dont have your own internet lol. Has anyone peered at the source?

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As long as it's full of speculation and unstable in price, crypto is not viable because money is supposed to be an equal exchange for goods and services, not a "commodity".

any time you convert crypto to fiat to spend, the government knows and can tax you.

So, the only way around that is to do direct crypto transactions, but as soon as businesses do this, guess what- they can ID make a law that the seller needs to ID you. Ah the joys of replacing one fiat for another, with a dose of Hopium, lol

They will push crypto, but it will be government crypto, because a lot of things that have to be purchased require government fiat. Indy crypto is cool between people but not for those commodies, and we don't get paid by our employers with crypto.

It makes sense to a barter type world, but then, there would be local currencies.

Anyway, I just don't see it really taking off... I think they created these cryptos to develop for the gov crypto. Blockchain used to create a surveillance file of spending and buying habits and controls on such

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