Sep 1, 2021 • 46M

(E36) Why I'm Not Getting the *Thing*

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The Way Forward podcast features conversations, interviews, panel discussions, and presentations with some of the most prominent leaders in mind-body-spirit wellness, oneness, free thinking, individual sovereignty, and living in service to others. The Way Forward is hosted by Alec Zeck, often featuring John Walker, Andrew Genovese, Chad Asana, Jacob Diaz, Christine Yole, and many others as co-hosts.
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Comments (randomized controlled trial problems) (FDA Commissioners) (Reporting biases in COVID shots – ARR vs RRR) (Drug manufacturers spend billions on influencing leading medical experts. In fact, direct to physician marketing and industry gifts account for over 80% of all promotional expenditure in the drug industry. And a recent national survey found that 94% of physicians accept some form of industry gifts or payments. ) most vaccinated countries are travel risks) (vaccine has waining effectiveness, nearing 0 after 6 months) Kobi Haviv report) of FDA’s drug regulatory budget comes from those it is regulating). outbreak) deaths) 17% of HCW report to VAERs, although 37% have said they’d identified an adverse event). DATA) Pilgrim Healthcare VAERS study) Foundation) of interest CDC advisory on vaccines)