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Pfizer and Project Veritas Double Agent Tells All

Alec is joined by Justin Leslie, a former Pfizer scientist and Project Veritas Undercover Journalist, who shares his experience of pharma corruption and gatekeeping within the alternative media.

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In this eye-opening episode, Alec engages in a compelling conversation with Justin Leslie, a scientist, whistleblower, investigative journalist, and producer of the documentary "Project Whistleblower." Justin provides an insider's perspective as he shares his experiences working directly on the COVID-19 Pfizer mRNA vaccine platform from March 2021 to April 2022.

Here are the key highlights of the episode:

Entrance into Pfizer: Justin walks us through the entire hiring process at Pfizer, from acceptance to his experiences working on various projects of concern within the company.

Whistleblowing with Project Veritas: Rather than being allowed to blow the whistle at Pfizer, CEO James O'Keefe offered Justin a job at Project Veritas. Discover the journey of Justin's transition into investigative journalism and his role in uncovering the "Pfizer Directed Evolution" story.

Project Whistleblower Documentary: Since August 2023, Justin has been working on the documentary "Project Whistleblower," providing a tell-all account of his experiences inside Pfizer and the alternative media world.

Lab Testing and Concerns: Gain insights into the different lab testing projects Justin worked on at Pfizer and the concerns that arose, leading him to reach out to Project Veritas.

Data Suppression: Explore the suppression of information, data, and testimonies that went against the narrative within Pfizer and the actions taken to prevent their dissemination.

Transition to Project Veritas: Learn about Justin's move from Pfizer to Project Veritas, where he worked as an undercover journalist, unveiling crucial information about the COVID-19 vaccine.

Evolutionary Story: Follow the evolutionary story from Pfizer to Project Veritas, understanding the motivations behind Justin's shift and the impact it had on his investigative efforts.

Uncovered Data: Delve into the data uncovered during Justin's work at Project Veritas, both leading up to and after the FBI raid.

Don't miss this riveting episode that provides a unique and firsthand account of Justin Leslie's journey inside Pfizer and the world of alternative media. Tune in now to gain insights into the complex dynamics surrounding COVID-19 vaccine development and the challenges faced by a whistleblower navigating these realms.

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0:00 - Pf!zer and Project Veritas Double Agent Tells All 

2:15 - How did you get to working for Pfizer

11:23 - Projects at Pfizer of concern

25:25 - Pfizer Whistle-blower from Project Veritas

36:42 - Project Veritas Information and Footage

51:48 - Childhood Vaccine Approval Meeting

1:03:06 - Undercover Journalist with Project Veritas

1:13:10 - Biggest Project Veritas Story

1:32:47 - Looking Back on Project Veritas Uncovered Data

1:39:33 - Follow-up Pfizer Story 

1:59:19 - Resignation and Bohemian Grove

2:10:16 - Half Truth Half Lie

2:17:30 - Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

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