Sep 18, 2020 • 1HR 0M

(E02) featuring Sohail Shakeri, The Social Critic

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The Way Forward podcast features conversations, interviews, panel discussions, and presentations with some of the most prominent leaders in mind-body-spirit wellness, oneness, free thinking, individual sovereignty, and living in service to others. The Way Forward is hosted by Alec Zeck, often featuring John Walker, Andrew Genovese, Chad Asana, Jacob Diaz, Christine Yole, and many others as co-hosts.
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Sohail Shakeri is a Harvard-trained philosopher, author, lecturer and business consultant.  He has written articles on mythology, religious movements and the nature of education.  He has taught Humanities, Philosophy and Religion at both the College and University level.  His main interests lie in questioning mainstream cultural narratives from a foundation of love and consciousness.  Sohail’s first book is about the crisis of our dying global civilization and is due out in January 2021 by Universal Publishers.  For more information about Sohail’s work you can find him on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube  and Twitter under the name, The Social Critic.