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If you ever get the chance to ask another question Alec please ask the following.

Why do aquarium fish often die a few days after adding a single new fish from the store? And no, the new fish did not eat the old. Or more seriously. Why did a large number of Hawaiians die in the months after European missionaries first arrived. I'm speaking of Hawaiians who never met with the Europeans, and only interacted with other Hawaiians who had met the Europeans.

The Virus Mania book provides overwhelming evidence of fraud and pseudoscience in the study of viruses, the field of virology and in vaccines. But they make no refutation of our lifetime of experience in seeing a sick child (or pet) infect friends at a party. Friends who then infect other friends and family members who were not in attendance. People who's terrain did not change, yet who still got sick.

This team makes a strong case that the field of virology adds nothing to our understanding of health, is unscientific and so is not to be trusted. I'm on board.

But in these Q&A sessions, they never speak to the elephant in the room. We have all seen illness spread by direct and more importantly by indirect contact. Speak to this elephant please. Don't behave like the establishment, and demand we reject the experience of our lying eyes.

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So, what's the plan here? Report on how this new pox is a fake, then wait. For... what? For the people paid to sell the lie http://allaregreen.us/ to voluntarily reject millions of extra $? Or for Gandalf's turtles from Middle-Venus to teleport us to safety?

The point of Informing The Public is to amass their support FOR the resistance.

Well? What's the plan now that they've been informed? Can we chat about that? Legal, non-violent, effective resistance? Or wait for ALL the politicians to all "turn moral" all at the Same Time even though we're not organizing repercussions for them if they don't?

How many decades do you want this to continue?

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Looking forward to this!

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Thank you! 🙏🏼✨

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This is fantastic. Thanks so much for spearheading (?) this, Alec! FWIW I've been posting a number of blogs on this critically important subject here: https://snooze2awaken.com

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